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Data Browser

Query editor

Create, edit and execute queries using a query editor with autocomplete and syntax highlighting. Easily modify the data on an editable grid.

Export data

Export your query results to CSV.

Keep your open tabs and queries between sessions and devices

If you close your browser or change device, your session will be restored when you come back, even on another device.


Save your most used queries for later, share them with your team.

Query History

Track and all the queries made by your team on a single searchable log.

Role based access

Grant role based database access to your team.



Data widgets

Create widgets from your query results and data insights, visualize your results

Create dashboards with widgets

Create dashboard using multiple widgets, providing a global view on your data.

Share widgets and dashboards with your team

Widgets and dashboards contain insights about your data, that can be used by your team.



Security is our main concern. After all, we use our own product.

User data and passwords are encrypted using bcrypt.

All database credentials are encrypted using AES, and decrypted only when necessary to connect to a database.

Supported databases


The world's most popular open source database


The world's most advanced open source database

SQL Server

The relational database management system developed by Microsoft

Coming soon!

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